The ultimate keypad system!

Make Your Events Larger Than Life with the ultimate audience response system, Trivia Pads!

Hosting grand events such as "Who Wants to be A millionaire", Talent Contents, and more with our

innovative Multi-Player audience response system.

Trivia Pads engage players of all ages and is a great tool for entertainment, education and booking more trivia shows. 

The advanced audience response software enables you to gather responses from the audience and analyse data for up to 80 groups or individuals. 

These versatile keypads are great for DJ trivia games, conducting surveys, running high-profile interactive seminars and customizable game shows.  The opportunities are endless with Trivia Pads. 

Drawing a crowd to your trivia events is not impossible any more with the numerous software options and games that you can use at any show.

Where you can use Trivia Pads?

  • Audience polling, voting games and getting to the heart of gathering survey results was never this easy before. 
  • Survey up to 80 people at one time without caring for paperwork or internet connection with the included voting software. 
  • The multiple choice and automatic data counting makes it a great choice for voting games and conducting surveys for training, academic or corporate usage.
  • Trivia game show: Bring the excitement of TV trivia games to your party. These audience response keypads are ideal for any trivia games such as wedding/bridal trivia, educational events, fundraisers, or DJ trivia nights.
  • Talent Shows: Use the trivia pads to host talent shows or karaoke contests. Our “Talent Hunt” software tool is an example of an ultimate judge's tool that allows judges to vote on a performance, similar to American Idol.
  • Wedding Parties: Make any wedding or bachelor party a memorable experience by making Trivia Pads a part of your event plan! Rev up exciting newlyweds trivia through romantic memories and other interesting Bridal questions that fuels the chemistry between the bride and groom.
  • Corporate or Academic Training: Trivia Pads provides real-time feedback and makes meetings much more interesting and fun from an interactive perspective. Make it a part of employee engagement, interactive session surveys or comprehensive long term planning projects and seminar recap sessions.

Why Trivia Pads are the best choice for you?

Superior User Experience: Trivia Pads are simple, easy to use, and specially designed to be unparalleled compared to any other wireless audience response keypad system. The sturdy materials ensures hassle-free operation and easy integration setup involves little effort instead sweating and fretting about technical details.

Guaranteed Audience Engagement: Unlike traditional wireless buzzers, this professional handheld device is a real participation tool that allow an entire audience to submit their multiple choice 'guess' giving everyone a chance to win, not just the players who can speed read question! The multiple choice buttons on Trivia Pads are designed so that ALL the participants with right answer can earn points, not just the first player to buzz in.

Versatile in Usage: The Trivia Pads are designed in a manner that goes with a number of games formats. The ABCD buttons make the Trivia Pads a perfect choice for multiple choice Q and A games and audience polling.  You still want do "Fast Finger Games" from time to time?  Great!  The buzz button on top is used as lockout buzzer system for fast finger choices, like jeopardy-style games.

Automatic Operation: These wireless voting pads counts the data automatically as players or groups submit their ABCD guesses. Without the hassle of paperwork or manual counting these Trivia Pads make large games a cakewalk to operate for a single moderator.  These long-range keypads even work from over 500 feet away!

Other Features:

  • Add your own custom questions, answers and sound effects into our software games (software included).
  • Easy to hold with rubber-grip sides.
  • Requires 9V batteries (included).
  • Compatible with all DigiGames software including the "Trivia Party Pack" of games, Trivia Ladder, Talent Hunt, QuizMaster, Extreme Audience Polling and Audience Poll Pro.
  • Expandable to 80 simultaneous pads, for large groups.

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