The most amazing wireless buzzer game you will ever own



  • Clobber is based around the concept of wireless buzzers, which in this case are hard hats.
  • Each player is presented with a hard hat and a foam bat and the aim is to "buzz in" when you think you know an answer by giving yourself a whack on the head.
  • Throw into the mix the potential for whacking other players to make THEM answer and what you have is a device with which you can create trivia games like no other (see the videos on the "Videos" tab above).
  • Clobber is not your normal trivia night……it is way better than that!
  • Customers relish in being able to whack each other the head, let off steam yet still play trivia. At the end of a working day sometimes a pen and paper trivia night is not what the doctor ordered…….Clobber is!

Why chose this as your Wireless Buzzer option:

  • The equipment itself is robust, firm and durable and will last a lifetime, because it is made from REAL construction-site hard hats, not cheap party hats.
  • The hats are appealing and can be ordered in a mix of colors.
  • Flashing LED lights to indicate which player was first to be Clobbered.
  • The internal sensors do their job and you won’t have any trouble with the event.
  • The Clobber system is compatible with all of DigiGames software (software included).  You will find easy to setup, the installation simple and above all else, the system does a lot of the work making your trivia night hosting far less stressful and allowing you to sit back and enjoy the game of Clobber!
  • As with all DigiGames products you can be confident of a reliable, effective and creative product that will enhance any trivia event ranging from par trivia, team building corporate trivia to weddings, parties and all sorts of occasions. In fact, one of the best things about Clobber is how diverse it can be used. Literally whatever the occasions Clobber suits!
  • You can also rely on DigiGames to provide you with round the clock support to ensure your use of the product goes smoothly with support available from our widely experience and passionate customer service team. We want your trivia night to succeed so will strive to do our very best to help you achieve that.

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