Music Bingo

Music Bingo

Extreme Bingo - The most popular music bingo game!

When we developed Extreme Bingo in 2010 we had no idea how popular it would be.  As it turns out it is THE MOST popular solution we have developed in nearly 20 years.

Why is Music Bingo so popular?

"NAME THAT TUNE" POPULARITY:  Here's the reality of the situation.  People LOVE "Name That Tune".  If you have ever done a Name That Tune event you already know that people start bobbing their heads, tapping their hands and feet on the table while they are listening to their favorite tunes.

IN COMES "BINGO":  You can go to any corner bar or town hall, and what do you see in their schedule of events?  Bingo!  No matter what town you go to in the country there will be bingo tournaments scheduled somewhere.  Putting the fact aside that people play it the same as any other gambling game, Bingo is loved by people of all ages, spanning across decades of time, and all around the globe.  You would be hard-pressed to find another game with this kind of popularity.

A MARRIAGE MADE IN HEAVEN:  Combine the 2 concepts above and what do you get?  You get "Music Bingo"!  Our "Extreme Bingo" tool uses YOUR music, YOUR videos, YOUR pictures and turns it all into an amazing Bingo game.  When you are done adding your files it will make the Bingo cards for you in the size and quantity you want.

music bingo draws in a crowd!

Draw in a crowd, get more bookings, earn more money with Music Bingo

Use Music Bingo to:

  • Give away prizes
  • Earn more revenue for the bar/restaurant
  • Book more shows
  • Put more cash in your pocket
  • Get referrals and testimonials
  • Gain an advantage over the competition
  • Earn extra cash with advertisements on the bingo cards
  • Secure Mid-Week events at retirement homes
  • Get involved with fundraisers at local schools
  • Up-sell your corporate shows

Music Bingo Software - Key Features

Extreme Bingo will allow you to:

  • Create your own music and video bingo games
  • Print Bingo cards in the size and quantity you want
  • Advertise food and drink specials in the header or footer of each bingo card
  • Automatically check bingo cards when a player has a Bingo without the labor of a manual inspection
  • Create theme nights like "60's Music Bingo", "Disco Music Bingo", "Pop Music Bingo", "Holiday Music Bingo", and much more
  • Interface to TV's and projectors for a great visual experience
  • Specify a bingo pattern, like 5 in a row, double-line, 4 corners, blackout, etc.
  • Have multiple winners per game
  • Set your own pace how fast or slow you want each round to last
  • Create a fun and memorable experience for any event, any age group

More Details

The details above are just a small sample of features you will love in our Music Bingo program.

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