Wireless Game Buzzers for Every Occasion

Wireless Buzzers

Trivia Cubes - Wireless Game Buzzers

Our most popular wireless game buzzer.   This system is ideal where fun and learning come together - School education, training, youth groups, youth camps, fund raisers, entertainers and more! 

Wireless Audience Response Keypads

Trivia Pads - ABCD Audience Response Keypad

Take your events to a new level by offering questions with multiple choice answers.  These keypads allow you to ask ABCD multiple choice question with full audience polling software games.

Wireless Hard Hat Game

CLOBBER - Wireless Hard Hat Game

CLOBBER is by far the most unique game show system you will ever own.  Instead of pressing buzzers, players CLOBBER themselves over the head with a foam 'bat' to buzz in, or buzz in other players.

Extreme Bingo - Music Bingo

Music Bingo - Extreme Bingo

Combine 2 favorite games into 1 super-game.  Extreme Bingo combines "Name that Tune" with Bingo to make a "Music Bingo" game.  

Instead of a boring traditional Bingo game comprised of pulling balls from a drum, Extreme Bingo turns your favorite songs into a Name That Tune style Bingo game.

Cellphone Trivia Game

QandAtime - Cellphone Trivia

Turn player's phones into "Fast-Finger" buzzers and Audience Response keypads.

In "Fast Finger" mode players tap their screen in a similar manner that Jeopardy players "Buzz In".

In "Audience Polling" mode, a question and multiple choice answers appears.  Players submit their guesses.  All players who submit the correct answer get the points!

Stand-alone Wireless Buzzer

Trivia Cubes - Stand Alone - Remote Controlled

So, you don't want a computer controlled game system?  No problem!  It can't get any easier with our Stand-Alone Trivia Cubes.  The included wireless Remote Control allow you to do simple trivia games with a fun and stylish wireless buzzer system.


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Trivia Software Games

About Our Software Games

Everybody loves TV game shows!  This is what drives us to provide exactly what you need to do live game shows at your events!

DigiGames produces a wide variety of software games.  If you can envision it, we already made it.

With our trivia software games you can add your own questions and answers, adjust timing and scoring, customize many features and more!

Best of all, updates are free for life!!

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