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This month’s featured product is Wireless Buzzers’ Trivia Cube game show system.  This system is ideal where fun and learning come together - School education, training, youth groups, youth camps, fund raisers, entertainers and more!

Order  as few as 2 wireless trivia quiz buzzers or up to 50 simultaneous contestant buzzers.  Now available as computer controlled, stand-alone or dual functional.


QandAtime - Cellphone Voting:


Cellphone Voting

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DigiGames' newest product is QandAtime!  It turns players mobile device into wireless buzzers and audience voting devices.  No apps to download!


Trivia Towers - Wireless Buzzers Newest Item:
Full standing illuminating "Towers" - Complete wireless buzzer system!

Trivia Quiz Buzzer


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Thank you for visiting Wireless Buzzers, the #1 source for academic wireless quiz buzzer to enhance fun group interaction for learning and entertainment. We provide quiz lockout buzzer equipment and TV-style game show software for all types of academic institutions. Wireless Buzzers is the leader in lockout buzzer system technology that can not be matched by any other trivia company.

We provide information and products for those who are thinking about purchasing a wireless buzzer or quiz-style buzzer system, and tools for those who already have a lockout buzzer game system. If you are not sure what trivia system would be best for your application, then visit our various wireless buzzer pages or give us a call. Wireless Buzzers provides an overview of our top buzzer lock out game show equipment. If you don’t find what you are looking for, simply click the “More Products” button below.




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