Software Games to meet YOUR needs

In the ever changing world of entertainment, TV game shows are the  top choice of many DJ's.  TV trivia shows, like Jeopardy, never sway in their popularity.  May be its the thrill, excitement of victory or the reward associated with TV games, that has adrenaline rushing among the audience of all ages! Whether it is trivia, voting games, quiz show or any talent contests, people from different age groups and love TV game shows over traditional pen and paper methods.

We at design and develop numerous game show software and systems versatile for all industries.  With an array of game show software and systems in our arsenal, we have been successful in providing rich, engaging entertainment for all players across all

platforms for nearly 20 years.

The beauty of our software games

Customization at its best: All of our software games has the provision of

customization to meet your specific requirement. You can add your own Questions and Answers for a trivia show or classroom game shows.  You can add your own sound effects according to the event type to spice up the party.

  • TV show effect: With our advanced software games your audiences will never miss the effect of a Live TV game show. Just like any trivia game shows on TV our lockout buzzer systems ensure a fair play. 
  • Value For Money: At least 4 software games are included with your purchase of a computer controlled wireless buzzer system. You can add more games later on to expand the variety of entertainment choices to your clients.
  • Free Software Upgrades: Upgrade your software games to the latest features. Our free software upgrades help you make more money with your wireless buzzers and quiz game systems by adding new features to help you with any type of event you are performing at.
  • Multipurpose: Our software games are used by entertainers, educators, academic institutions, amusement parks and even corporate organizations worldwide.

What do we have in store for you?

Each computer controlled game system purchased from us includes the 4 games "PARTY PACK":

  • Trivia Board Pro - Run your own Jeopardy TV Show style event with this amazing software game! Trivia Board Pro has full customization option to add own questions and answers, music clips, video files, sound effects, animations and pictures.  Add zing to training program, party, fund raiser or any trivia event with this software and enjoy great success with it.  Nearly 1,000 questions and answers are included with the game and you can purchase additional databases from us at a low cost if you do not have time to customize your own game boards.
  • Trivia Squares - Turn any simple tic-tac-toe game to a hopping trivia party! Best to play among 2-3 players, you can add your own questions and answers, music, videos, sound effects and pictures to make it a fiery completion on a 3X3, 4X4, or 5X5 tic-tac-toe board.
  • Trivia Feud - Similar to Family Feud on TV, Trivia Feud is the ultimate choice for any family or wedding parties and corporate events where you have 2 teams with teams pitted against each other. It comes with 40 rounds of survey questions for both the team and also includes a powerful editor to add own questions and surveyed answers.
  • Trivia Fortune - A combination of Wheel of Fortune and Press Your Luck come together for a fast paced game for solving phrases. Trivia Fortune is an extremely exciting game fit for bar/pub, academic and corporate events where the participants try to complete a hidden phrase and win points.

Add-on games to grow your services

DigiGames produces over 20 amazing software games for all different type of trivia formats, timing and scoring sessions and more! 

Check out our software demos below: