Cell Phone Trivia Game

Turn people's cellphones into an audience response keypad

People use their phones for practically everything today, except actually make a phone call.  The options variety of tasks that can be accomplished with a cell phone are unending.  This is what makes QandAtime widely used by entertainers around the world.  

Even though DigiGames makes an excellent audience polling keypad systems, our QandAtime service can help you make money now with packages as low as $25 per month, which includes unlimited usage.

How does it work?

It is completely web-based.  This means that your players DO NOT have to install any apps!

  • Log into your QandAtime account using any computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Select a game.  
  • Announce the special 5 digit code that appears on your screen.  
  • Players enter that code into their phones.

That's it!  Let the games begin!  When the players put in the code they are immediately joined to you in the games.

Complete control of the games

You have complete control of the games as the game show host.  You can:

  • Put in your own questions and answers.
  • Establish custom timers.
  • Set your own scoring.
  • Add pictures with the questions.
  • View realtime scoring results.
  • Select "Fast Finger" mode (like on Jeopardy) or "Audience Polling Mode" (like on Who Wants to be a Millionaire).
  • Automate games for unattended mode (no game host required).

Unique games you can play with cellphone trivia

 With QandAtime there are a variety of games you can play with your audience.  Some popular variations include:

  • General Trivia - People love general trivia games, especially where there are multiple choice answers to work with.
  • Themed Trivia - Do a "Star Wars Trivia" night one night, then "60's Trivia" another.  "Disco Trivia" is also popular.  Timely themed nights are a hit, like "Holiday Trivia" and "Super Bowl Trivia".
  • Price is Right - A picture of a product appears.  Players guess the cost of the item.
  • Name That Tune - Using your own music player, play popular songs.  Players tap the screen to 'buzz in' and guess what the song title is.
  • Name the Celebrity - Players buzz in to guess the name of the pictured celebrity.  This method is fun with cartoon characters as well.
  • Bridal Trivia (variation #1) - QandAtime lets you group bridesmaids into a team and groomsmen into another team.  How well does the wedding party know the bride and groom?
  • Bridal Trivia (variation #2) - Guests in the audience of a wedding answer questions about the Bride and Groom.
  • Family Feud - Players tap what they think is the #1 surveyed answer.  If they are correct they get the points!  Use QandAtime's "Team" feature to group players into a "Team" (or family).


Questions you probably have

What do you mean I can do unlimited games for $25 per month?  It doesn't matter if you do 1 game or a million games.  The monthly fee is the same.  If you don't use it you are still charged... it is a subscription service.

How many people can play?  Under the $25 per month plan 25 people can play in a session.  Those same players or other player can play other sessions.  So, if you have a room of 100 people, you can do 4 games with 25 players each game and the monthly fee remains the same.

What if I want 100 people to play in a single session?  No problem?  QandAtime can be upgraded at any time with a single click, even in the middle of a show!  Up to 1,000 simultaneous players supported.

What if there is no cell service at the venue?  People can use Wi-Fi, but be careful with that.  Most cheap routers cannot handle more than 10 simultaneous devices.

What if there is no cell service or Wi-Fi at the venue?  Then QandAtime is not for you.  Just like a speaker needs power QandAtime NEEDS the internet in order to work.  We are working on an offline version of QandAtime, but until then you might consider our wireless buzzer options if in the unlikely event no cell service exists in your area.

What is the difference between "Fast Finger" and "Audience Polling" modes?  Audience Polling mode contains a question with multiple choice answers (see picture 1 along the left of this page).  All players who submit the correct answer get points.  This is the preferred and more interactive method among most entertainers.  Fast Finger mode is a question with a single answer (see Picture #2 along the left of this page).  The first person to tap their phone is the only player who can answer.  Since different phones post the questions at different rates the outcome of the game can be affected.  Unfortunately, cannot control people's phones.  Therefore, this is not the recommended method, but it is there in case you absolutely must have this format.

Does it come with questions and answers?  Yes, it comes with approximately 1,200 questions and answers to get you started.  You can add more of your own, or purchase additional databases of questions from our repository.  Each database is a one-time fee of $25 and includes approximately 1,200 questions and answers.

Do the questions and answers ever go away?  No, not unless you intentionally delete them or you cancel your account.

Are there any contracts or other requirements?  No.  You can cancel at any time.  There are no contracts or any expectations on my end.  This means that if you want to sign up for just one month you simply email us to cancel before your next billing cycle and your account will be cancelled within 30 minutes.

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